Laundry Room – Home Maintenance

There are a few preventative maintenance things you can do to keep your laundry room running smoothly.
Laundry rooms can be one of the most regularly used parts of the home and neglecting to maintain these appliances can lead to inconveniences or, in worst case scenarios, extreme water damage.

Dryer Lint

After every single load it is best to clean the dryer lint trap. Having a full lint trap can prevent your clothes from drying thoroughly which then requires extra cycles using extra energy and costing more money. Having excess lint can also be a fire hazard.
Lastly, you should clean your dryer vent on regular basis. Depending on how much you use your dyer, you should clean it every six months to once a year.

Use Strainers Over the Drains

Over time, wet lint can accumulate and clog your pipes. Strainers designed to fit over washing machine hoses and drains are relatively inexpensive and can save you headaches in the future.

Flushing the P-Trap

A P-trap is located near almost every drain. It is a u-shaped pipe lower than the rest of the pipe that retains a little water to create a seal that prevents gasses from entering into the room and causing odors. If the drain isn’t used often, it can begin to smell as the water evaporates. If you start to smell odors coming from your floor drains, you can simply pour bucket of water into it to create a fresh seal in your P-trap.

Check the Hot and Cold Hoses

It is wise to regularly check the hoses that connect to your washing machine. Check for signs of cracks or splits, and call your Hukill’s professional to replace them immediately.

Sensor Valve

Using a sensor valve will help protect you against damage from a flood. The valve is attached to the water source and has a sensor on the floor. When the sensor detects water, it will automatically turn off the water. Call Hukill’s Inc. to have one installed!

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