Floor Drains – Home Maintenance

Floor drains are commonly found in basement floors, garages, laundry rooms, older bathrooms and sometimes on patios and driveways. Many issues with floor drains can be easily avoided with some regular maintenance and care.

Fill the Traps

Floor drains are designed to direct water to a sewer or storm drain so that the floor stays dry and so that rooms do not flood. The traps are designed to prevent sewer odors and gasses from entering into your home. You can fill and flush these traps regularly by simply pouring a gallon of water down each floor drain in your home. The water then fills the trap, creating a barrier between your home and your sewer system.

Quickly Clear Any Clogs

Floor drains are at risk of clogging from all different kinds of debris. The first sign that your drains might be clogged is if it is draining slowly. Catching the clog early will reduce the risk of any flooding. Call your local Hukill’s professional to clear any clogs in your floor drains!

Clean Drains Regularly

There is no need to wait till your drains are already clogged or backing up. It’s always a great idea to schedule professional drain cleanings annually to prevent clogs and keep you drains running smoothly!

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