Tree Roots and Sewer Damage

Over time, roots can cause a lot of damage to pipes underground. Trees and shrubs send out tiny roots through the soil to search for water. One of the easiest places for these roots to find water is old sewer pipes. The seals that tightly hold the pipes together fail over time and the tiny roots work their way inside.

Overtime the little roots grow larger so they can deliver more water to the growing tree. They began to strain the pipe joints as they grower larger in diameter and eventually break the clay, concrete or other materials in its way. As the holes get larger, more water and sewage drains out into the surrounding soil.

If you’re concerned that you have root intrusion problems, call Hukill’s and have a professional take a look and advise on the best course of action.

Signs You Need to Call a Plumber

  • Unexplained clogs in the toilet
  • The smell of sewage
  • Pools of sewage or water in your yard
  • Gurgling drains

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