Water Heater Replacement – Why you should hire a professional.

Water heaters generally last somewhere between eight and ten years with proper maintenance. But eventually, they will need to be replaced. When that time comes, it is important that you leave it to the professionals. Why?

Safety Standards – Professional plumbers are aware of all the new and changing safety standards that you must comply with.

Hot Water Demands – When your family grows or when you add a new tub, shower or bathroom, the demand for hot water will increase. A professional can assess exactly what your family and home needs to accommodate these changes.

Guaranteed Work – When you hire a professional, they stand behind their work and take the responsibility of any issues with the installation.

One Call Does It All – When you hire a professional to install your new water heater, you’ll get a complete job well done. They can provide you with the water heater, installation, disposal of the old water heater, and answer all your questions.

Proper Venting – It is important that there be specific venting for each manufacturer’s specifications. Improper venting can lead to dangerous build-up of carbon monoxide inside your home.

Working Safely with Gas – A professional has the required knowledge and experience of the gas and oil fuel sources to correctly connect supply lines and start up.

Working Safely with Electricity – Installation of electric water heaters requires knowledge of the wiring materials as well as the home’s electrical capacity.

Expertise – A professional has the knowledge to give you the best advice on your water heater replacement or repair!

If you have any questions, we have a team of professionals ready to answer them. Just call 541-734-9000.

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