Plumbing Tips – Leaving for Vacation

It’s finally summer and before you and your family pack up and head off for summer vacation, here are a few plumbing things to consider before leaving your home.

Check Appliances for Leaks

Take a moment to walk around your home and make sure none of your plumbing appliances and fixtures are leaking. You can check your fridge, water heater, washing machines, etc…

Shut Off Your Water Supply

If you’re leaving for several weeks, we recommend you consider turning off your main shut-off valve. This stops water from entering your home, preventing any possible major damage from a busted pipe or leak.

Leave Your Heat On

Even though it’s summer and getting warmer, the nights still tend to get fairly cold. Make sure your heat is set to at least 58 degrees.

Prevent Odors from Happening

To prevent any foul odors from welcoming you home from vacation, pour some ice cubes and cold water down through your garbage disposal to drive any food particles down the drain so they can be washed away.

Also, make sure to empty your dishwasher and washing machine to prevent any mold, mildew, or odors.

Check Your Sump Pump

Before you leave, make sure your sump pump is working efficiently. If it’s not in good working order and a storm comes through while you’re on vacation, you may come home to a flooded basement. Contact Hukills to get a plumber to come take a look for you!

As always, call your team at Hukills for any questions you have about leaving your home safe for the summer. 541-734-9000

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