Sewer Lines – Trees to Avoid Planting Near Sewer Lines

An important thing to consider when doing some landscaping, is what trees and shrubs to avoid near your plumbing system. Overtime the growth of the trees and shrub’s root systems can infiltrate your home’s plumbing system or even cause cracks in your home’s foundation.

Call 811

Calling 811 in your state will help you identify the location of the underground cables and lines before you start any of your landscaping.

Measure Distance

Now that you know the location of your plumbing system, measure the plants from the pipes and your home. Trees can spread their hungry roots quite a few feet out. Therefore the plants should be planted bout 20-30 feet from any water or sewer lines.

Keep the Yard Watered

Keeping the yard watered allows the roots to find enough water and nutrients in the soil so they have no need to go looking for moisture in sewer and water lines.

Maintain Your Sewer System

Keeping up with maintenance of your sewer system will ensure that you catch any broken pipes that would attract roots that are looking for water and nutrients.

Do Your Research

Do your research on what plants and trees have more aggressive root systems, and opt for ones that have the same curb appeal but less aggressive roots.

Here are a few of the worst trees and shrubs that are famous for their root infiltration:


Call Hukill’s Inc.

If you suspect that your already mature landscape will soon or already has caused root infiltration, call Hukills and have a professional come take a look!

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