Plumbing Tips – Pet Owners

Have you thought about how your animals could affect the plumbing in your home? Here are a few tips to consider as a pet owner!

Bath Time

If you give your furry loved ones baths in the bath tub, to reduce the risk of a slow moving drain, we advise that you use drain stoppers or strainers to block animal hair from entering the drain.


Keeping your toilet lid closed can prevent your pet from licking the toilet bowl water. The residue left from certain cleaners that you use to clean your toilet can be very harmful for your pets to ingest.

Keeping water topped off in your pet’s water bowl is another way to make sure they avoid drinking toilet bowl water.

Cat Litter

Cat litter does not belong down the toilet. Even if the packaging claims that it is flushable, we advise that you only flush waste and toilet paper down your toilet.

Exposed Pipes

You can avoid unnecessary damage by covering up exposed pipes. If your pet bites through a pipe it could result in a pricey problem or potentially hurt your pet.

These are a few tips to keep your furry loved ones and your plumbing safe! Call Hukills with any questions. 541-734-9000

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