Plumbing Tips for Fall

Garden Hoses

To make sure that your garden hoses last another year, it’s important to stow them away. Make sure to disconnected the hoses, drain the water from them and place them where the freezing temperatures will not reach them. Any water that is left inside the hose could freeze and expand causing the hose to break.


Making sure your home’s gutters are clear, clean and ready to move the rain away from your home is a great fall preventative plumbing tip. If water accumulates, it could potentially freeze in the coming cold winter days. Freezing water could then create breakages, roof damage, flooding and other issues. Have a Hukill’s professional come out and clear out your gutters to help prevent any further issues.

Insulate Exposed Piping

Potential freezing is one concern for exposed piping in places like your garage, crawl space or under your porch. These pipes are vulnerable to freezing temperature and could lead to a burst pipe. By simply covering these pipes and removing them from direct exposure to icy temperatures, could make the difference between safe plumbing and frozen pipes. Call a Hukill’s professional to determine your most vulnerable pipes and the best route to protect them!

Water Heater

Warming your water in the cooler months means that your water heater will be working a little harder than in the spring and summer. Because of this, it’s a great idea to have your water heater checked, cleaned and maintained before the weather gets colder. Call a Hukill’s professional to take a look and ensure your water heater is in the best working condition.

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