Garbage Disposals – Pumpkins

Fall is officially on its way! Fall means lots of pumpkin everything. From carving your jack-o-lanterns to baking delicious pumpkin treats, you’ll need to dig out the pulp from inside the pumpkin. But now how do you properly dispose of the insides?

You would think that something as soft and slick as pumpkin pulp would be more than okay to put down the drain, but there are better ways of disposing of it.

Pumpkin pulp is very stringy and can easily get caught on surrounding surfaces, dry out and harden. Whatever doesn’t get shredded by the disposal blades can latch on to the walls of the drain pipe itself, harden and eventually cause further blockages or clog the drain.

Best way to dispose of pumpkin pulp is to throw it away or put it in a compost bin. But if you’ve already sent the pulp down the drains and find your drains draining slowly, give Hukills a call!


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