Water Damage – Cleanup Process

Discovering you have water damage can be an exhausting and frustrating experience. That is why our team of restoration professionals at Hukill’s Inc. are here to keep you informed and take over the remediation process for you.

Call a Professional

It is super important to take any signs of water damage seriously and quickly call your Hukill’s restoration professionals.

Hukill’s Restoration team is available 24/7 to assess the damage and begin mitigation to put your mind at ease. Call 541-734-9000.

Water and Mold Inspection

Next, the restoration team will conduct a water and mold inspection. They will search your home for any possible damage. While most flooded areas can be easily identified, there are other areas that require special equipment and techniques. Our team uses devices like moisture meters to effectively and accurately assess the moisture levels in multiple different surfaces throughout your home. This will help them understand the extent of the damage and any possibility of mold.

Extracting the Water

It is important to first stop any further damage while starting the restoration process. The restoration team must ensure that the source of the water damage is repaired so that they can begin the water extraction process. Whether it was a minor leak or a major flood, extracting the water is done quickly using various forms of equipment, some of which include pumps, mobile extractors and our own pump trucks.

Drying the Space

After the water that can be extracted is gone, the restoration team will began the drying process. Drying is super important for your walls and floors and restoring the air quality of your home. Musty smells as well as airborne bacteria can often linger after water or mold have been removed from your home. Choosing a company like Hukill’s restoration team will ensure that their not only restoring the building materials but cleaning and purifing your air.

Checking for Mold

Unfortunately mold after water damage is common. A key part of Hukill’s restoration team’s process is inspecting for unseen growth in your home. If your home has any mold damage, Hukill’s is equipped with all the materials and expertise to began the restoration process.

Repairs and Replacment

After the water and mold are cleaned out of your home, the team will start the restoration process. Depending on the extent of the damages, surfaces like tile, cement and wood will need to be professionally cleaned while other surfaces like drywall may need to be removed.
From the carpets to ceilings, there are many areas of you home that will require special attention in order to replace effectively. Hukill’s restoration team will help you figure out the areas that need to be replaced without causing additional damage to your home.

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